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Connecting with others is a sense of being open and available to another person. When we connect with others, we are no longer thinking about what went wrong in the past or of our future worries. We are fully available to the present moment and to the shared experience we are having with another person.

Our Community Events & Ministries


Outreach - helping CUMAC

Join us in making a difference for our neighbors. We are an “official” collection site for plastic grocery bags from the local community for CUMAC – collection bins remain outside the church office entrance and at the library. Please share this with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers- CUMAC needs grocery bags desperately in order to continue to pack food items. Food items are collected regularly.


Sports Ministry (Table Tennis Lesson & Play)


Events for Community

We regularly host events for our Community: Fish & Chips Dinners, Attic Treasure Sales, Christmas fairs, Strawberry Social. Also, there are more events such as Fall Festival with Pasta Dinner, Open Mike Music Festival, and so on. Through these events, we connect with new & old friends and get to know each other!

bible study


Hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world study God's Word together. Chapter by chapter, verse by verse, we approach the Bible as God's Truth, to be studied, savored and lived out. Whether new to the Bible, a seasoned reader, child or adult, we explore the Scripture together. You can sign up for Bible study group on our website or call our office to join us! This Bible Study Group is open to all.
• Lenten Season Bible Study for Adults
• Advent Season Bible Study for Adults
• Sunday School Bible Study for Children


Sunday School

Welcome to Waldwick Sunday School! Our Sunday School starts from 9:00 am for Bible Study at the Children’s room, and Children’s service (children’s time) held in the main sanctuary during Worship Service time at 9:30 am. After Children’s time (10:00 am), there is Activity Time including Art & Craft and Fun Games at the Sunday School Room. For more information, click the image or feel free to send a message to us.


Youth Group

We look forward to sharing life with you!

Let us know if you want to join our events and ministries. Feel free to ask questions about our programs.